How to earn real money and launch your own travel portal easily with travel portal? Follow these simple 5 steps:

What you get?


Your own websites with partnershi plugin. Widgets, search forms, and SEO-friendly tables for flight tickets and hotels are all available throup programs you can earn instant commisions working with the top paying JetRadar/Hotellook API.

Your website will have affiliate links to advertisers' websites in publications and share them with your audience and friends. Receive commissions for purchases made by users who clicked on your links.

:::::OPTION ONE:::::

Choose your own domain name (just send to us the access login details and password) or use one of local and supported marketing travel network domain name, like

Please contact us to discus your customized project. Price will not changed from that.

:::::OPTION TWO:::::

See example customized custom travel affiliate websites made with,, - then you pay only ONE TIME PAYMENT - $999 and will be unsubscribed from further payments.

Get all this, full access to admin panel and statistics, access to education materials on how to grow your business, many changable tools, easy customization free domain name with a one time payment of -$999 but if you choose to be a part of iminone and get organized marketing, then subscribe for yearly packages.

Earn money from clients buying your services. Localize them, offer specific tours, manage information display on your own personal website. Each website is earning from the display banners, commission from over 20 affiliate programs, including avio sales, bus ticket sales, train ticket sales, attraction sales, transfer bookings, museums, city cards and much more. Besides you can have your own banners and advertisement displayed on your website.

:::::ADMIN PANEL:::::


Become a part of travel brand. Link your existing travel services with IMIN.ONE or open your tourism agency IMIN.ONE white label anywhere in the world for just -$999 Lifetime Payment

::::Revenue & withdrawal methods::::

Note! The table shows the value of the revenue of Travelapyouts affiliates by the payment method for offers Aviasales/Jetradar and Hotellook. The amount of revenue for other programs doesn’t depend on the payment method and is specified in the rules of each program.

Payment method and Minimum payout amount 
Revenue percentage (Travelpayouts revenue from Aviasales/Jetradar and Hotellook programs) 

1. Bank transfer to foreign currency account (USD, EUR) 
EUR 400
USD 500 
60% if TravelPayouts income from affiliate traffic is less than USD 3,000/month
70% if TravelPayouts income from affiliate traffic is more than USD 3,000/month 
Bank commission of approximately USD $30 is withheld.
If the amount of the payment exceeds $ 1000, then we incur all commissions.

2. Withdraw VIA PayPal 
EUR 40
USD 50 
PayPal commission is at Travelpayouts expense.

::::24/7 FREE SUPPORT::::

No previous knowledge needed, easy, same as email admin panel, easy withdrawals of your profit. Start Now

Revenue payout on PayPal

Right after registration in Travelpayouts affiliate network, you can specify PayPal details in the following section: Finance - Payment details.

In the settings section, enter your first name, last name and email address that you use in your PayPal account. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 50 US dollars.

Please, note! Make sure that this information is always up-to-date. If for any reason you change your PayPal linked email address, be sure to update this information in your profile.
If you don't have a PayPal account

To create an account, go to and pass the registration procedure. After that, log in to your TP account and in the Details section, enter the email address that you used when registering for PayPal.
Procedure for making payments

Payments at TP generated and transferred automatically. For more information about making payments, see the following article: Date and time of payouts.
Reasons why you haven't received payment yet
Check if your PayPal account is restricted

If your account is restricted at the time of the attempt to make a payment, PayPal will reject it. To check if this is true, use the following PayPal step-by-step guide: How do I remove a limitation from my account. If so, the initial attempt to make the payment will fail, and at the beginning of next month, we will repeat the effort to make the payment. If you have removed the account restrictions, the refund will be made in the next month according to the schedule.
The payment has not yet confirmed in your PayPal account

In the settings of your PayPal account, you can specify that each incoming payment is processed manually. In this case, after receiving the payment notification, you need to go to the PayPal website to confirm the amount:
Log in to your PayPal account.
Go to the Summary section.
Under the Pending payment status, next to the message indicating that the recipient has "Not yet accepted", click Approve.

If you do not confirm your payment with PayPal within 30 days, the funds will be returned to us automatically.
No minimum amount to withdraw

The balance has not yet exceeded $ 50 or the time has not yet come for a monthly payment.


1) Your Desired Business Name
2) Your E-mail you wish to use for Affiliate System Setup and WWW admin panel with access to statistics
3) GBP999 one time payment