Find and order online unique art gifts and quality decoration for your house with original canonical art by well-recognized and presented Russian Orthodox Church artist Mariya Mironenko.

Maria's professional academic education, taken in arts school combined with integration of subtle aspects of "alive tradition" in Russian studios of Kiev and Moscow. Last trip to Diveyevo has opened to Maria not only the identity of saint Seraphim of Sarov, as a spiritual mentor, but also gave an opportunity to create "her own" spiritual painting, which has aspecial place in Maria's works and in her heart.

"Life of the church is never fully covered by past, it has present and future, and always is driven by the Holy Spirit. And if showing spiritual visions and revelations, witnessed in icons, has been possible before, it can be done now and in the future. It's just a matter of fact, when creative inspiration and boldness to create a new icon will appear." F. Sergey Bulgakov

The Great Inquisitor in a well-known parable of Dostoyevsky is talking to Christ: "Thou hast given him the right henceforth to choose and freely decide what is good and bad for him, guided but by Thine image in his heart.". In earthy categories of thinking, an icon becomes the foremost symbol, as a reflection of God's sense of imminent eternity. The icon, according to the words of father Pavel Florensky, becomes a window into the world of Haven.

Gallery contains portraits of Seraphim of Sarov, Sergey of Radonezh, Dosifeyaof Kyiv, Ambrose of Optina, Silouan the Athonite, Archbishop Luka, Seraphim of Vyritsa and many other righteous men of Holy Russia: in each of them concentrated assiduously and spirituality of sight of life. And they are transferred with such intuitive power, that visitors of Vernissage call the atmosphere there – permeable and inspirational towards the sacrament of confession… Such emphasis of Maria's art language relates portraits with Holy icons. Presented catalog, gives tribute to traditions and canons of Orthodox iconography, wrapping them in a very modern way.


This catalog, which combines painting, icon painting and sculptural compositions, will certainly not leave indifferent everyone who has resorted to the pages of her work. This is a marvelous opportunity to hold in your hands a unique edition of works by young and talented artist Mariya Mironenko.

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